nadine coco de ruiter

I live together with my boyfriend Klaas in the Amsterdam Pijp district. When I’m not working I like to challenge myself with an intensive workout, or I can be found in a yoga studio for a daily dose of reflection and relaxation. I like to read, and can completely lose track of time when lingering on Spotify in search of new music!

After an adventurous year of traveling in 2008, I obtained two Master degrees in Amsterdam (Psychology & Marketing) after which I have had a good taste of the corporate environment at Microsoft. As far as possible in the world of IT - I realized I kept returning to my nature: people and psychology.

Although I often hear people say “I wish I was still a kid”, it is not always easy and carefree to be young.

With an interesting childhood abroad and two loving parents I am a very grateful person. However, looking back on the times of emigration, saying goodbye, starting new schools, making new friends, my parents’ divorce and then my father living on another continent, I too could have benefitted from some extra guidance every now and then. 

The tools I offer the children in my practice derive from a strong conviction that self-knowledge, self-compassion and embracing the own authenticity, provide the foundations for a future in which the child will always find the answers within oneself. I also see how our body and mind operate as one, and the importance of (re)finding balance between the physical, emotional and mental.

To me, working with children & youth as a children’s coach is equivalent to following a great passion.