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Coaching for kids within The Coconut Club is there for kids who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin, who could use in boos in self confidence, or who have experienced something they suffer from. The guidance is approachable and short term. Because every child benefits from a personalized approach, I playfully alter my methods and processed based on what we encounter along the way.

First, we have an intake meeting in which we discuss the current situation and challenge(s). Generally these meetings are together with parent(s) and child. Beforehand, a questionnaire is filled out, offering me generic background information. The intake offers you the chance to tell me your story and express your thoughts on helpful interventions and topics. This meeting takes place in my home practice and we set up positively formulated goals.

Then, we get to work with playful and creative methods. Together with the child, I discover what he/she needs to feel good (again). Think of games, drawing, moving, acting and conversations.

After four sessions we schedule an intermediate evaluation with the parent(s) in which I share my findings so far. Also, I am curious to hear how things have been doing at school and at home. Together we align on how many more sessions are desired.

Despite the fact that children in many developmental phases share common traits and needs, their authenticity is leading in my practice. Processes at The Coconut Club are focussed around existing strengths (and associated pitfalls) of each individual.

Parents/caretakers play an important role in the coaching process. We keep each other updated of the progress and ask each other questions. Usually, the desired results are reached after 7-10 sessions.


Coaching for kids in/around Amsterdam

* short introductory call: free

* intake session (60 min): €49,95

  • Kids coaching in & around AmsterdamKindercoach Amsterdam en omstreken

  • Topics: divorce | self-confidence | dealing with emotions | anxiety/fears | bullying | grief | excessive worrying | learning- and/or sleeping problems | the step to high school | excessive gaming & more

  • Location: in home practice in Amsterdam | outside with good weather

  • Short term guidance: 7-10 sessions

  • Playful therapy & conversational techniques

  • We work on resilience and self confidence