children yoga amsterdam
children yoga amsterdam
children yoga amsterdam

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A beautiful children’s yoga class in the lovely Full Circle Studio in the Jordaan district, where we make use of professional yoga props (meditation pillows, blocks, etc.). The classes are made up of strengthening poses (yang yoga) and relaxing, muscle-lengthening poses (yin yoga).

We always close the class with a shavasana during which I read the yogi’s special meditational fairytales and help them calm their busy young monkey minds. I use this moment with them to practice mindfulness exercises and to talk to them about gratitude and inner calmth. They leave my class in a zen state of mind that lingers for days!

children yoga amsterdam

Young Yoga | kids/teens

Coconut Trial class: €17,95

Coconut Pass x 5 classes: €84,95

Coconut Pass x 10 classes: € 165,95


  • increases flexility and body posture

  • strengthens the muscles

  • helps to sleep better

  • helps in dealing with emotions

  • increases focus abilities

  • helps you relax

  • helps to take better care of yourself

  • gives you energy!


At The Coconut Club in Amsterdam I offer childrens’ yoga with influences from mindfulness to help children to relax, learn how to focus, and deal with emotions, stress and anxieties. The children work towards awareness and inner tranquility. In professional sports, healthcare, business life and even in politics, yoga and mindfulness have gotten a firm foothold. “ But.. what exactly is mindfulness? “. Good question. With influences from yoga, Buddhism, modern science and psychology, mindfulness is a strong answer to a growing need of more peace and happiness in our quick and busy Western society.

By being mindful we train our mind to focus the attention to what we are experiencing and sensing in the current moment and time, instead of chewing on the past or contemplating the future. We do this in group form or individually. For some children it is better to get class outside of a group, because it is difficult to concentrate or because they suffer from psychosomatic complaints. An individual class is also recommended for highly sensitive kids.

Because the brain develops so actively at their young age, and creates new connections in the prefrontal cortex at topspeed, mindfulness and yoga have amazing positive impact on skills such as patience, self regulation, focus, compassion and judgment. Let yourself be amazed by the ease in which the children learn mindfulness techniques: they develop a natural and relaxed way of interacting with the world.

Interested? Also read this article in the New York Times about mindfulness for children.

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kinderyoga amsterdam