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More and more often I speak to parents and children about sleeping difficulties. Many children and young adults experience the sensation of an ‘overflowing’ or ‘too full’ mind, and express their difficulties in the challenge of slowing down the endless stream of thoughts, enabling them to finally fall asleep and/or sleep through the night.

When we don’t get enough sleep, it affects us during the day: difficulties concentrating, irritability or impatience, a weaker immune system or anxiety/nervousness. Body and mind need enough sleep to function properly!

At The Coconut Club I offer ‘sleep coaching’ in Amsterdam to teach children techniques to relax, focus better during the day, deal with emotions, stress and fear(s). With mindfulness & relaxation techniques we teach the body to bring the mind in a state of tranquility and stillness.

I offer tips and provide the children with a ‘thought box’: an external place for all thoughts, to-do’s or memories keeping them up and night. This way we create more space for peace of mind in the head.

Because the brain is so actively developing and making new conncetions in the prefrontal cortex at topspeed at their young age, children are the best students to benefit from mindfulness. It has positive impact on skills such as patience, self regulation, focus, compassion and judgment abilities. Be surprised by the ease with which the kids learn the mindfulness techniques: they develop a natural and relaxed way of interacting with the world.

If you’re interested, also read this article in the New York Times on mindfulness for children.

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Sleep like a rose ☾ Sleep coaching in Amsterdam

* short introductory call (15 min): free

* intake session (60 min): €49,95

  • Session duration: 45 min (we don’t sleep during the sessions!)

  • We learn relaxing techniques and practice mindfulness

  • I provide parents with tips & tools to foster the progress at home

  • Together we make a ‘thought box’ for all thoughts that keep us awake

  • On average, desired results are reached within 2-3 sessions.