coaching ❂ young adults

Coaching for young adults within The Coconut Club is there for adolescents who need a boost. A boost in self confidence. A boost in self awareness. Guidance on sorting out the big questions that are part of this phase in life. ‘what do I want?’, ‘what suits me?’ and ‘who am I?’. The guidance I offer is approachable and relaxed. Because everyone benefits from a personalized approach, I alter and tweak coaching paths and methods based on what we encounter along the way.

First, we have an intake meeting. This is a session in which you, alone or with a parent, tell your story and express what you think would help you forward. This meeting takes place in my home practice. We set up positively formulated goals.

Then, we get to work. We have conversations, take a walk, and both show vulnerability in the process. You take responsibility over your own process and input, so that we can work effectively.

After +- 4 sessions we schedule an evaluation moment (with or without parents) in which I share my findings and thoughts with you. Also I would love to hear how you feel, and how things are going: at home, at your study of work or with your friends and family. If the coaching is working its magic with you or if you have different needs. We decide on how many more sessions are desired for you.

Despite the fact that young adults share common traits and needs, your authenticity is most important in my practice. Coaching processes at The Coconut Club are focussed around existing strengths (and associated pitfalls) of every individual.

In general, a desired state (of mind) is reached after 7-10 sessions.


Coaching for young adults in/around Amsterdam

* short introductory call: free

* intake session (60 min): €49,95

  • Ages (15-28)

  • Topics: finding your own path | dealing with social pressure | anxiety/fear | studying | finding an education or job that suits you | self confidence | personal growth & development | grief & more

  • Location: in home practice in Amsterdam | outside with a cup of coffee

  • Conversations, ‘think work’, exercises

  • I listen, ask the questions that lead to insights, and give you tools to stay true and close to yourself in a world that demands so much from you