✰ the mission? to put children and young adults in the driver’s seat of their mind & well being, by supporting their psychological, social and emotional development

counseling for children (5-15 yrs) ● and young adults (15-28 yrs) ● sleep better sessions ● young yoga class ● expat kids counseling

nadine coco de ruiter

  • Intuitive, warm personality, sense of humor, creative & passionate

  • Broad academic education (a.o. MSc Psychology & MSc Marketing)

  • Business experience (3 years at Microsoft)

  • Expatriate background (Spain, Venezuela & Surinam)

  • Own childhood: emigrations, divorce, parent at long distance

  • English, Dutch & Spanish speaking

❝ It is better to build strong children than to repair broken adults


Coaching ❂ young adults

Age group: 15 t/m 28 yrs.

Subjects: finding your path | dealing with (social) pressure | fear of failure | planning & study choices | finding & applying to a job or internship that suits you | authenticity | self-confidence | personal development & much more

Location: home practice in Amsterdam | outside with a cup of coffee

Conversations and exercises

I listen, ask questions that lead to insights, and give tools to stay true to yourself in a world that demands so much from you

Coaching ❂ children

Age group: 5 t/m 15 yrs.

Subjects: divorce | self-confidence | dealing with emotions | anger | fears | (cyber)bullying | excessive worrying | grief/loss | sleeping difficulties | transitioning from elementary to high school & much more

Location: home practice in Amsterdam | at school | in summer outside

Fun and accessible conversational games & techniques

We work on inner strength & resilience


Expat kids

➳ smooth landing

Fun and playful individual coaching & learning about Dutch culture

Location: my home-practice in Amsterdam | at school | in summer outside!

Topics: resilience | inner-strength | self confidence | making friends | dealing with difficult emotions & much more

Workshops at (international) schools on request

(Picture of me at school in Paramaribo, 1995)

Young yoga ༄ kids/teens

Age group: 13 t/m 18 yrs.

Young yoga / children’s yoga with influences from mindfulness

Why yoga? To deal with emotions | to relax | improved concentration abilities | improved self-confidence | strengthens our muscles | improved body posture & much more

When? Every Sunday morning from 11:00-12:00 in the Jordaan district

Young yoga is about self-compassion, gratefulness & inner strength


Sleep like a rose ☾ sessions

Duration of session: 45 min (*we don’t sleep during the sessions!)

We learn relaxing techniques & mindfulness exercises | sleep coach

Tips for at home to improve falling asleep/sleeping through the night

We make a ‘thought box’ for all the thoughts that keep us awake

Amazing results within 1-3 sessions

articles+children psychologist+writing

Other services/activities ✎

Psychological guidance / coaching roles at companies/foundations

Writing articles and blogs for magazines, websites

Subjects: developmental psychology | (cyber)bullying | mindfulness for children | trends in society | burn-outs at young ages | children’s yoga | sleeping issues | mindful divorce | parenting

Inspiring workshops or talks for groups / audience